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By Using Mpowerjobz.Com (Msource Recruitment Services Pvt Ltd) (The “Site”), You Agree To Follow And Be Bound By These Terms Of Use (The “Terms Of Use”) And Agree To Comply With All Applicable Laws And Regulations. In These Terms Of Use, The Words “You” And “Your” Refer To Each Customer Or Site Visitor, “We”, Us” And “Our” Refer To Mpowerjobz.Com (Msource Recruitment Services Pvt Ltd) And “Services” Refers To All Services Provided By Us. The Mpowerjobz.Com (Msource Recruitment Services Pvt Ltd) Privacy Policy And Disclaimer Are Both Incorporated Herein By Reference. The Terms Of Use Applies To Our Services Available Under The Domain Https://Www.Mpowerjobz.Com/ (Hereinafter Referred To As The "Website"). By Visiting The Website You Agree To Be Bound By The Terms Of Use Of This Privacy Policy And Other Policies. If You Do Not Agree Please Do Not Use Or Access The Website. By Accepting The Privacy Policy And The Terms Of Use, Which Prescribes Terms Of Use For Use Of Website Or Availing Services, You Expressly Consent To Our Terms Of Use. This Privacy Policy and Terms Of Use Are Effective Upon Your Visit Of Website. We Encourage You Read The Terms Of The Privacy Policy And The Terms Of Use Entirety Before You Use The Website.

General Terms:

  1. All Users Who Visit Https://Www.Mpowerjobz.Com/And Wish To Conduct Business Through The Site Are Expressly Implied To Have Read, Understood, Accept, And Agree To Abide By The Conditions, Terms And Rules Laid Down Here.
  2. Mpowerjobz.Com Acts As A Bridge Between Recruiters, Recruitment Consultants, And The Candidates To Ensure Requirements Of The Parties Involved Are Met. We Act In Good Faith When Candidates Or Consultants Provide Information Based On Which We Process Profiles. The Factual Accuracies Given in a Candidate’s Resume Must Be Verified by the Recruiter and We Shall Not Be Held Responsible for the same.
  3. Once An Application Is Processed, It Is The Responsibility Of The Candidate To Perform To His Best So That The Available Position Can Be Given To Him. Our Role Ends with the Agreement we agreed upon at the time of registration; Candidates Must Take It Forward from There.
  4. No Guarantee Is Made Towards Provision Of A Job Placement Just By Virtue Of Registration On The Website Or Attending An Interview Process. As it completely depend on the employer interest for the same.
  5. If A Candidate Gets Multiple Interview Opportunities, Mpowerjobz.Com Attempts To Advise Candidates The Best Opportunity We Consider Most Relevant To The Candidate. However It Is The Candidate’s Prerogative Whether He Wishes To Be Led By Our Counsel Or Not.
  6. Upon Recruitment, A Candidate Has To Give A Written Undertaking Of Working For A Minimum Period With The Recruiting Company And Must Abide By The Same. Mpowerjobz.Com Will Not Be Held Liable If Any Candidate Wishes To Discontinue From A Certain Company Due To Any Reasons Whatsoever.
  7. The Minimum Expectations From Both The Recruiter And The Candidate Must Be Clearly Understood By Both The Parties Concerned And Both The Parties Are Expected To Honour The Same, Without Prejudice To Mpowerjobz.Com
  8. All Fee Paid by Candidates, Companies or Third Parties to Mpowerjobz.Com Is towards to the services we offer.
  9. We Search and Provide Latest live Job Openings to the Candidates and We Take No Responsibility in No Shortlisting/Response/Interview Is Provided by the Company.

Age Confirmation:

You Affirm That You Are More Than 18 Years Of Age And Are Fully Able And Competent To Enter Into The Terms, Conditions, Obligations, Affirmations, Representations, And Warranties Set Forth In These Terms And Conditions.

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Refund/Cancellation Policy:

  1. The Service Agreement Of Career Enhancement Services Will Be For 180 Days From The Date Of Subscription.
  2. Once agreed Services are provided like (Resume Writing, Cover Letter, Psychometric test) etc, we do not refund membership/subscription/service fee.
  3. We Do Not Refund In Case The Customer Due To His Own Negligence/Ignorance Or Don’t Perform Or Abstain Himself From Performing Any Act Which Is Required/ Mandatory For The Adequate Service Delivery Or The Customer Don’t Adequately Communicate Or Response, Despite Reminders.
  4. In Case Of Payment By Card, No Charge Back Shall Be Accepted By Mpowerjobz.Com Unless Refund/Cancellation Procedure If Duly Followed By The Said Customer.
  5. In Case Of Payment By Cheque, Mpowerjobz.Com Reserves The Right To Provide Service After Realisation Of The Cheque Amount. In The Event Of the Dishonour Of The Cheque, An Additional Cost By Way Of Service Cost Of INR. 500 Or Amount Deducted By The Bank Of The Mpowerjobz.Com Whichever Is Higher Shall Become Immediately Payable And The Applicant Agrees To Pay The Same Together With Interest Payable @ Rate Of 10% Per Month From The Date The Said Payment Fell Due Till Date Of Its Realisation Together With All Costs Related To Its Realisation.
  6. These Terms Of Use Are Subject To Change With Or Without Prior Intimation. Service Buyer Is Bound By All The Terms & Conditions Mentioned On The Mpowerjobz.Com Website.
  7. Saturday, Sunday And Bank Holidays Are Not To Be Counted As Working Days. Mpowerjobz.Com Endeavours To Render Service On Schedule. However, Mpowerjobz.Com Also Reserves The Right To Decline, Change Or Reschedule Provision Of Any Service Notwithstanding The Acceptance Of The Order By Our Representative Or Even If Payment For The Service Has Been Collected By Us.


  1. No Customer Shall Threat Or Attempt To Threat Mpowerjobz.Com Or Any Agent/ Employee Etc In Any Course Or Capacity To Lodge Or Attempt To Lodge Any Civil Or Criminal Complaint In Any Forum/Court/Tribunal In Order To Receive Any Monetary Or Any Other Favour.
  2. If Any Customer Is Found To Do Any Such Activity Then Mpowerjobz.Com Shall Have The Liberty To Lodge Appropriate Criminal Complaint Against The Same Customer, Also The Same Customer Shall Be Liable To Pay A Compensation Of Rs 10,00,000/- (Rupees Ten Lac Only) Along With Other Damages Whichever Is More.

Arbitration and Jurisdiction:

All Disputes Arising Out Of Or Incidental To The Terms & Conditions And Privacy Policy Mentioned Are To Be Referred To Arbitration Under The Arbitration And Conciliation Act 1996 [Indian Government Act] At Hyderabad, Telangana Before A Sole Arbitrator To Be Appointed By The Mpowerjobz.Com.

That The Courts Of India Specifically Hyderabad, Telangana Shall Have Exclusive Jurisdiction To Entertain All Dispute Irrespective Of The Nationality And Location Of The Customers.


Mpowerjobz.Com Reserves The Right In Its Sole Discretion To Investigate And Take Legal Action Against Anyone Who Engages In Any Illegal Or Prohibited Conduct Or Otherwise Violates These Terms Of Use, Including Without Limitation, Removing The User Content From The Web-Site And/Or Terminating The Offending User's Ability To Access The Web-Site And/Or Use Mpowerjobz.Com Services. Mpowerjobz.Com May Take Any Other Action With Respect To User Content Or User Actions That It Deems Necessary Or Appropriate In Its Sole Discretion If It Believes It May Create Liability For The Mpowerjobz.Com Or May Cause The Mpowerjobz.Com To Lose (In Whole Or In Part) The Services Of Its ISPS Or Other Suppliers.

No Objection:

User Hereby Express That It Has No Objection Upon Any Call/SMS/ Communication By Mpowerjobz.Com Any Third Party On Its Behalf Or Any Other Party Authorized By Mpowerjobz.Com Communicating To User With Regard To The Mpowerjobz.Com Services Like Job Search, Job Alert, Mpowerjobz.Com Career Services Etc.. Notwithstanding User's Registration With National Do Not Call Registry (In Fully Or Partly Blocked Category Under National Customer Preference Register Set Up Under Telecom Regulatory Authority Of India), User Hereby Expresses His Interest And Accord Its Wilful Consent To Receive Communication (Including Commercial Communication) In Relation To Mpowerjobz.Com Services. User Further Confirms That Any Communication, As Mentioned Hereinabove, Shall Not Be Construed As Unsolicited Commercial Communication Under The TRAI And Other Alike Authorities In Other Country’s Guidelines And User Has Specifically Opted To Receive Communication In This Regard On The Telephone Number Provided By The User