Senior Project Manager

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Job Detail
  • Industry:
    Oil & Gas
  • Total Positions:
  • Job Type:
    Full Time
  • Salary:
    11000 USD - 15000 USD
  • Job Location:
    Bahrain, Bahrain
  • Minimum Education:
  • Minimum Experience:
    10+ Years
  • Apply By:
    Mar 23, 2018
Job Description
What will my responsibilities be?The Senior Project Manager will manage and have full responsibility for results with confidential cross-organizational category B projects.The Senior Project Manager objectives will be to execute the EPC Turnkey Substation build projects within the defined targets (e.g. cost, time, quality) and ensuring satisfaction of the customer, professional stakeholder and management. (full Mechanical, Electrical and Civil scope)The Head of Projects will manage several projects in a designated region i.e Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain (based from HQ in Abu Dhabi)What experience do I need to have to qualify for this role?Manage Customer RequirementsThe Project Manager is empowered with adequate signature authorization and target agreement to manage the project as entrepreneur and brings about strategic decisions and asserts them
Actively gathers information on the customer and customer's strategies, requirements and targets.
Manages customer expectations; identifies / creates additional opportunities out of the ongoing projects
Actively communicates with customer's senior representatives and manages solving of issues.
Regularly performs lessons learned activities and feeds the results into own project and organization.
At an early stage, informs customer, management and project team of deviations from project plan.
Actively builds relationships to customer representatives.
Manage project finances on the basis of contractual developments and risk situationLives full responsibility for the financial results according to set targets
Examines the project proposal/order entry costing.
Ensures regular financial controlling and reporting according to regulations.
Optimizes the project gross profit, cash flow and assets.
Identifies and minimizes non-conformance costs.
Ensures that the results of risk assessments are appropriately reflected in costing.
Fosters change orders with good margin contribution.
Manage the project throughout the project Life Cycle.
Handles relevant planning elements and milestone results throughout the project life cycle.
Sets up and maintains the confidential  Project Management Plan including Quality Management Plan.
Involves the relevant partners in the sales/ project initiation phase.
Performs contract reading and derives actions concerning risks, opportunities and contractual obligations.
Agrees targets and work packages with project staff and delegates defined work packages.
Is responsible for the technical solution including integration of all (sub-) systems.
Ensures proper ramp up and execution of site activities.
Holds regular project status meetings and organizes acceptance of milestone work results.
Documents all work results according to the valid standards.
Manages acceptance (tests) and final project handover.
Identifies and assesses risk factors utilizing available risk measurement tools.
Manages an overall project with onshore and offshore part according to the New Collaboration Model.
Manage project teamAgrees targets with project staff and delegates defined responsibilities and authority.
Holds and seeks actively feedback (e.g. team members, managers, customers)
Takes responsibility for own and supports team-members' work life balance.
Supports team-members' personal development (eg. PMP-process)
Involves the project team in the identification of changes and claims.
Demonstrates leadership to functionally assigned intercultural staff, agrees targets and delegates accordingly.
Cooperates closely with line managers and experts.
Facilitates and monitors effective team collaboration (e.g. via coaching)
Develop strategies for the project and beyondAligns project targets with business strategy; signs a project manager target agreement.
Develops and considers strategic targets for own project in line with responsible business manager.
Represents the project in the relevant decision boards internally and externally to senior management.
Identifies / creates additional opportunities out of the ongoing projects.
Manage stakeholdersConducts stakeholder analysis and manages efficient communication with all relevant stakeholders incl. different countries/states of region, headquarter, customer, partners and suppliers.
Communicates cross-organizational with internal contacts on opportunities for further improvements.
Has expertise in interpersonal relations: effective communication and presentation, management of conflicts.
Has experience in intercultural communication and collaboration.
Selects and involves partners / subcontractors based on strategic viewpoints and defined criteria.
Involves procurement at an early stage according to valid confidential  procurement rules
Manage compliance to standards, rules and regulationsLeads project members to act according to the Business Conduct Guidelines.
Implements rules (e.g. tax regulations, arms lengths principle, delegation of employees, guarantees and export control)
Sets necessary measures to ensure zero harm policy in environment, health and safety.
Sets up a framework to regular check of compliance in the project and with subcontractors.
Involves the necessary corporate governance units (e.g. Compliance, Legal Units, HR, Workers Council)
Complies to local standards and law of countries directly affected (e.g. of: customer, suppliers, partners)
Complies with internal and international rules (ZRG, AWV, INCOTERMS), Fundamentals of Supply Chain.
Management, Asset Management, Procurement PolicyManage the project enabler processes.
Follows the relevant LoA process, if applicable.
Assesses contracts in terms of claim-relevant significance, ensures examination by legal expert.
Negotiates with stakeholders on Change Requests and incorporates them into contracts.
Agrees with stakeholders the strategy for making / mitigating / defending claims.
At an early stage identifies drives, defends and mitigates claims.
Ensures monitoring and management of risks and opportunities and early escalation.
Devises suitable strategies for risk mitigation.
Implements procedure to solve major issues with all necessary internal and external partners.
What else do I need to know?15 years experience in Project Manager with overall responsibility on project results including budget, financial management of risk, opportunities and claims
Manages project as entrepreneur according to organizational standards.
Extensive experience in High Voltage Substations (turnkey)
Electrical Engineering Degree
Written and spoken English is essential.
Middle East experience is essential.
Relevant degree and Project Management certifications are preferred.

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