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About Us

Mpower Jobz is one of the most efficient and trust worthy platform for finding the right job for you. Registered by the name of Msource recruitment services Pvt Ltd on ministry of corporate affairs (MCA). Despite Hardwork, Success is "Being at the right place at the right time". We at Mpower jobz help you in taking you to the right place, at the right time. We assist individuals and employees find the right jobs.

Mpower jobz is a constantly innovating company, specalized in improving the career possibilities of thousands of employees across the globe. Based in Hyderabad city and has spread its presence across 50+ countries among 7 continents across the globe, Mpower jobz assists employers to find the right talent for their organizations.
The platform facilitate job seekers with various services that help them to search for relevant jobs sourced from our partnered companies, apply online and register themselves to be contacted by recruiters for relevant opportunities. Mpower Jobz offers many job utility services like Job Postings, Resume optimization services, Response Management Tools. Recruiters get the edge in choosing from a diversified database of CVs from across industry verticals. 
Thanks to our 1 Million customers/job seekers and recruiters who have showed their trust and faith towards Mpower Jobz in making it one of the most efficient and consistent job finder for your career.

MPowerJobz has an amazing network. Our strength lies in the vast network that we have established over years. We have a tie up with thousands of leading corporate, both national as well as international. Also, we partner with global recruitment consultants. We have a bond with leading fortune 500,Multi-National Companies as well as Domestic Companies. 
We understand that networking is an apt way to reach out to the firms who want a new brigade of workers. And hence, we have established a healthy network across the world so as to accommodate the best talent where it needs to be. 

We do not rely on the old school measures to look for opportunities both side. Our opportunity- searching weapons are coated with advanced technologies that help us to find the apt career opportunity for the job seekers and the best and most talented employee for a firm. We use advanced technologies in our work. 
The reach of  internet is beyond the universe and hence, we use the best digital tools to help our clients find what they are looking for be it a fresh talent to take their firm to new heights or a college pass out looking for a bug firm to give him wings to fly. We also use social media for searching the career opportunities.

Our mission is to cater to the needs of the employees as well as the employers. We want to lend our services to both the ends. We want to satisfy both the parties with our services. 
Of late, it has become a notion that as the time is moving forward, the career opportunities are diminishing with the increased availability of workforce. We aim at changing this globally accepted notion. We want everyone to realize that it is all about taking the right opportunity when it comes and making the most of it. It is all about finding the correct path to reach the destination. For all the people who are in dire need of such opportunity, MPowerJobz is the best solution.

The staffing and recruitment services offered by MPowerJobz consist of offering contract as well as permanent elucidation to the seekers on both the ends. This helps both, the individual and the firms flourish. Just like to complete a jigsaw puzzle, one needs to place the correct piece at the correct position; the correct placement of an aspirant in the correct firm brings out the victory.

We offer the best search and executive placement services to our clients. This service helps the new business to gain a foothold in the cut-throat competitive world. The success and the failure of any business depends on its leader. We find the best leaders to run the business of our clients and to take it to great heights.

We are not new to the talent management industry. We hold an enormous experience in this industry and have witnessed the highs and the lows of this industry. We have closely experienced this industry and are eligible to offer the most genuine advice on getting as well as retaining the best workforce that is capable of oozing out the best performance even in high-pressure situations.

We offer unmatched project- based, managed as well as outsourced delivery services to our clients, who are trying to gain a foothold in IT, clinical, engineering as well as sales& marketing, construction, oil & gas, logistics initiatives, pharmaceuticals. Our services help the clients to achieve reachable heights.

We offerexcellent permanent and random workforce solutions to our clients.



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Mpower has a presence in more than 50 markets worldwide and growing. Learn about the breadth of solutions that Mpower offers employers. With job postings as part of our recruitment advertising solutions, resume database search and job distribution technologies, applicant tracking system and candidate engagement software, we've covered every stage of the recruitment process for companies across the world. We also offer background check and screening software, in addition to supply and demand data that can help inform your organization's overall strategy.